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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

I recently used hydrogen peroxid food grade
to stop a cold fast! ~`
It worked! 3% peroxide also works for that!

However there were a few mistakes that
I made in handling hydrogen peroxide!

Food Grade hydrogen peroxide (h202) is
different from drug store peroxide!

The usual h202 is 3% strenth and
the Food Grade can be sold up to 35% strong!

This strength can be hard to handle! And
caution has to be exercised in handling it!

One mistake I made was in not using gloves!

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I've talked about my mistakes, in the video
below, which is at my YouTube channel! ~`

A video is to come!

There is a diliuted form of this that
is availabe, see below and I recommend
buying it in diluted strength! Much easier
to handle!

I hope that my video helps someone!
Hydrogen peroxide is very useful for health.
In many ways!

12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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