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Protect Your Liver And Gall Bladder!

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Remember when your parent(s) told you to

Eat Your Vegetables!

Seems like most children don't like to eat vegetables!
Especially those bitter tasting ones!

The liver goes bad over time! It gets clogged with
fatty deposits!

The liver can take a lot of abuse, and
lose over 90% of it's function before symptoms show up!

A blood test won't reveal trouble until it is well in to
the state of dis-ease!

It is way better to prevent trouble rather than
to reverse it! However the liver can regenerate itself

and we only need a small percentage
of liver function, to function!

The more bitter the veggie, the better!
Below are some supplement forms of the nutrients that
will help to prevent and reverse a fatty liver!

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These nutrients come from the cruciferous vegetables!
Among the top nutrients are Milk Thistle, which contains
Silymarin! Then there is Beet Root Powder and capsule form!

Among the foods that specifically help the liver and the
gall bladder are, 1) garlic 2) turmeric 3) radishes 4) brussels sprouts,
kale, cabbage and parsley! Beets and beet tops too!

Stop using any alcohol at all! It is very hard on
the liver!
Apple Cider Vinegar can help to strip the fat off of
the liver! Supplements are available for that as well! ~`

Below is my video on the Gall Bladder help, if you treat the
gall bladder, you will help the liver as well!

Soaking And Chewing Apricot Kernels

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Cruciferous Vegetable Capsules! Dr. Berg's!

Beet Root Capsules (Aged) And Organic

Milk Thistel (Organic) (80% Silymarin & Vegan) Super-Concentrated Extract!

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