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Hi everybody!
Here's the story!

Back in the 1970's it was a fad among
the health food crowd to drink distilled
water! Today I found out the scoop on distilled water!

This form of water actually leaches out minerals
from the body! Yep! It has an affinity for this!
Removing minerals from our bodies puts us in
an acidic state! Minerals equal alkaline! And
the lack of minerals equals acidic~

I'll put sources for this information below and if I
find a good video, I will put that below as well!

It is not a good idea to cook with it either as it removes
the nutrients from food as well!
I'll continue to make my colloidal silver with it!

Peace Buttercups and others!


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P.S. It can be used as a detox for short periods of time!

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