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Meat Glue!

I just found out about Meat Glue!

This is an enzyme that will break the meat down
which transforms it into a putty. I've seen
a video of this process see below and it's not very
appetizing. It's really unbelievable~

The largest issue with this that I see is the
fact that this process presents a great risk
of getting sick because of the presence of bacteria
which is produced in the process.

I'm watching the video as I type and I'll tell you,
this is just maddening! Absolutely maddening!

They say that in order to avoid buying this meat
we should buy local meat (preferably organic), and
preferably from a source we know. A farm that can
be verified as to it's credibility.

P.S. They say that you can't tell the difference between
real meat and this stuff. But I feel that some of the
cuts of beef available in the store are too perfect.
Some packs of chicken and beef just look like they
are perfectly formed. I think those are fabricated meat.

P.P.S. This one video spoke about "air bubbles" in beef
from a certain large fast food company: I've seen that
and I know which company they are talking about.

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