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Skin Reaction, An Infection?! ~~~Nancy

Redness, Swelling, Pain?! Normal?


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Hi everyone!

Hey there! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

This is a response to one of my YouTube comments.

The comment (below) came to me at one of my Black Salve videos.

I'm so glad to get this comment - because it is an important question.

This viewer asks about the possibility of an infection coming
as a result of using black salve on his/her skin.
I have seen this situation before in my time on YouTube:
people have used black salve on their skin - and the
reaction that comes - is seen as 'an infection':
when - in fact, the reaction that happens, is not an infection at all.
The redness and swelling is a natural, normal response that comes to the skin
because the skin is going through what is known as a healing crisis.
This is also known as the Herxheimer Reaction.

I've seen one case where an individual went to their doctor
and had their skin treated for 'infection' - when it isn't.

The appearance of the skin - the redness, swelling, sensitivity etc., (continue below)

(Below is the comment/question).

" ... can u get an infection that would require antibiotics when using black salve arm is swollen and red and hurts tremendously. when is black salve not enough for the job."

is a natural occurrence when skin cancers are being dissolved.

We aren't used to seeing this process occur. But it's normal.
And the skin heals when it's all said and done!
... more below ...

Please watch one of my videos (regarding black salve)
(below) or on YouTube!

(The video below is titled: Black Salve - Does It Hurt? Etc.)

The process by which black salve works, can be painful and

is not a pretty thing to see or experience. But its' what it does.

There wouldn't be infection, for one - because one of the main
ingredients is Zinc Chloride - zinc stops the replication of germs.

Black salve is an ointment that kills bad germs: it doesn't hurt

healthy skin - not one bit! It won't react at all, on healthy skin.


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P.S. I've got a video with many of the images I have from my

in my experience with black salve on my skin!

I'v got an entire playlist (two) of videos on my black salve journey!

P.P.S. This is not medical advice.