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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
The Keto Diet which includes taking
some supplements such as Vitamin C, K2 and D3,
does work for erectile dysfunction.

My husband has given me the go ahead
to write about this and speak of it at my
YouTube channel. ~`
That said, this diet and the supplements that
are called for with the Keto Diet, did work
for my husband.
What I believe that happens is that
as we get older our arteries will begin
to break down. When that happens, there
is reduced blood flow to the different areas
of our body.

This includes the brain and the bottom half of
our bodies! Slowed memory and
poor eye sight are just two of the signs of
reduced blood flow. Erectile dysfunction is
another sign of impeded blood flow.

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I've spoken about some of the Keto friendly
bread ~` that I've baked, when my husband
needed to get the simple carbs out of
his diet. At my YouTube channel I speak about
the supplements and conditions that i have
had success with, or my family members!

In this case, my husband needed to get
his body back in working order! When I
found Dr. Eric Berg's video below
about the Keto Diet and ED, I looked for
someone who would share that it actually
worked! I couldn't find any testimonials!
So I knew that I wanted to share that this does
work, for anyone who is searching!

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It worked and actually, Erectile Dysfunction
is now part of the past. We don't need to
think about it anymore.

Look to approximately 28 days for success.

This isn't medical advice, it's just what I do!
I look for natural ways to stay healthy!

See this video here or at my
YouTube channel! ~`

He didn't do the diet perfectly, but
he got rid of simple sugars and
the white flour that converts to sugar.
Vitamin C and K2 and D3 were important
to this healing protocol!
Note! Also - get soy products out
of your diet! Very important!

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Vitamin K2 w/D3
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P.S. Keto helps with quick weight loss! ~`

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On Another Note!
I've used the product called black salve and have
recorded my experience ... read more ...

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