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Can you Take Black Salve By Mouth!?
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Black Salve Cansema By Mouth!? What happens?
What happens when you take Black Salve
by mouth? I will try it and find out!

Black Salve cansema is a blend of
Indian Herbs! Another ingredient is Zinc Chloride.
Zinc is known to be very good for skin conditions!
Another ingredient a very small amount is
DMSO. DMSO is a product that helps other products
to move through the skin
What I've done is to use a very small amount of
black salve and put it into some hot tea. Then
I drank the tea. I used black salve for the speacial
blend of Indian Herbs that is in it!

I've posted a video about this at my YouTube Channel
and you can see it below on this page!

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Black Salve is an old tried and true salve!
There are other forms of black salve
so, if you want to use the one that is also known
as cansema, you need to make certain you have the right one.

There is a drawing salve that is good for
pulling splinters out of skin. This is not cansema.
See my video here or at my YouTube channel! ~`

For Black Salve go to: McDaniel's Lifeline Water
At McDaniel's it is called Indian Herb ~`
Pine Tar Salve for Drawing! Pine Tar Salve is good for bringing boils to a head or for drawing splinters out of skin!/br> Premium Black Seed Oil

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