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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

From what I have come to understand; pork products contain parasites!
For almost two years I had stopped eating pork in all forms.

Outside of one or two times, when I had pepparoni on pizza!

Very recently, my husband needed to go on a Ketogenic diet! At that time, I began to make my own bread, and to cook without white flour, sugar and rice!

But bacon is certainly allowed on this food plan, and without all of the usual foods, bacon seemed to be a wonderful treat!

I also began to eat in the keto fashion with my husband!

We have been eating Keto for the past two months and I have been having interrupted sleep! I had been eating pork for the past two months!

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Tossing and turning and getting up in the night!

Then four days ago I just didn't sleep. Through the whole night! And that happened again, and again and again!
For four days, I didn't get to sleep.

When I would begin to drowse off to sleep, I would just startle out of sleep.

I'd heard that asthema is caused by parasites, from eating pork. When I fall asleep, and my breathing would slow; that was when, I'd just wake up.
As if my body was self protecting.
And there is something else, my nose had been seeming to be congested.
I will speak about this on video, but I had read about persons who had given up pork for a period of time and when they resumed, they got very ill.

Also I know many people who do eat pork and who are very congested.

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Yesterday I drank a glass of water in the morning, and in the evening, using Diatomaceous Earth (DE). About 1-1/2 teaspoon of it each time. About 8 oz of water each time. And last night I slept!

Every couple of months, I use some DE in my water.

Very soon I'm posting yet one more video
about the uses, warnings and storage
of Diatomaceous Earth. I know more about it today.

I feel that it helps to keep my colon cleansed!

This incident prompted my video this week.
See it here or at my YouTube channel!

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Have you ever noticed that your ears or your nose itches when you eat pork? I have! I'm qoing to leave pork behind for good!
If someone gets pork from a responsible source that is no doubt the best!

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

On Another Note:
" I'm learning about the Adrenals and Fatigue! This seems to be an issue between the glands in the brain!
I remember way back in the early days that I was on earth 1960's late 50's, doctors would say that people had glandular troubles.
They knew what it was! The bottom line? There is a lack of cortisol. " ~`