Amish Country Is Beautiful!

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My Trips To The Country! ~~~Nancy
Amish Country Middlefield Ohio!.

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Note From ~~~Nancy
Isn't this picture beautiful Buttercups?

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

I've got these great pictures from the
Amish area which is not far from my house!

I buy my minerals out in that part of the world! So I've had to drive out that way many
times. Sometimes in the summer and sometimes at other times of the year!
I've got a couple of videos from

my trips out that way! I'll post one on this page for you!
Here's a source for some Amish Country Popcorn*!

Below is a video of horses running on an Amish farm! It was absolutely freezing outside! And I was filming it with my open laptop - no gloves!

Watch this video to the end and you'll see a horse
rolling in the snow! They're beauties!

Please note! My video will be posted shortly!

My goal in life is to live out that way one day!

When I do - I will, of course be with you on video!

Peace Buttercups!

Hi! Lots of illness and disease can be avoided and some, reversed out with the right type of Health Solution! When I find answers ~ I'll let you know! ~~~Nancy Gurish

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