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People Speaking In A Condescending Fashion To You~

Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine is a magazine

It's not me, it was this woman's personality.

It's a societal difference or perspective.
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

As I type this I a sitting in a McDonald's Restaurant.

At my left is a small coffee and a glass of water with a

straw in it! I just sat down one minute ago.

So a waitress came up to my table with a pot of coffee and a
huge smile and she says to me:

"Do we need a refill or did we just get here?

Is this normal - or is it my age or what?

I just thought of something as I typed up this page:
pretty soon I will make a video about this because I believe
that I figured out what happened and why it is. I've had a
similar experience of a nature like this happen to me
about 22 years ago and I will talk about that on video.
What happened was a societal difference It has to
do with the city that I am in. You may think this mysterious
but I'll explain it one day. But ...

I'll give you a hint!
In fact I'll explain it now.

Different cities have different circumstances that I've had
experiences with in my life, because of my life situations at
different times. I got pregnant when I was 38 and had
my baby at 39~ This brought me in to my 40's, pairing me
up - if you will, with a small child. When I would have business
in this city
the people here, assumed I was the grandma.
When I was in more affluent cities- where people had children at
all different ages, the people in banks, restaurants etc. took it
as a matter of course, that I was the mom. That is why this
woman spoke to me in that way. It's a matter of societal
perspective. In this city, a person of my age is
already washed up. That wouldn't have happened in
other places that I travel. Now to sum this up:

I don't like this city - or the people in it! Hrmpf!!!

That woman just asked me if I wanted a refill:
in a very short voice I said, "No!"

Now, I have to go up to the counter and, ask for a refill!

Bye Buttercups!

By the way, Good morning Buttercups!

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