It Was Scary! A Pet Owner's Emergency!

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We had a scare here tonight with Patty!

This is part one of this story!

It was scary, scary, scary!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Some of you know that my family adopted two
rescue dogs from the Animal Protective League in
September of 2016. It's May 2 2017 now.

Patty and Sally are their names.
Sally's name was Smokey but we didn't
feel it was a good name for a sweet girl!

Anyway, I am the *nail clipper in the family,
for better or for worse! I have had experience with
our other dogs, Nikki and *(see note below about Sara) Sara
they have both passed on now. They lived long lives!
I do have experience but... Miss Patty
has a lot of special needs.

She's sort of a high maintenance pooch. She's half Lasso Apso
and half terrier. She's beautiful!

... continue below ...

Here's a video of them! Sally was in trouble at that time, she got
out of the gate and was gone overnight! ~~~Nancy

You can see Patty in this video she is the short blonde!

And today we had a scare with Patty!

I'm also the hair cutter in the family (for the dogs that is).

Our dog Nikki was a Chow-Chow (pure) and she had some

[This is Nikki Belle! ~~~Nancy]

I miss Nikki and Sara very much!
Nikki lived to almost 16 and Sara to 13.

... continued ...

Both Patty and Sally have special needs in that
they were both abused. Sally was 2-1/2 yrs when we got her

and Patty 6-1/2. We are reading up on abused dogs and learning
a little in that way, but we are also learning first hand ..."

... to be continued ...

P.S. The short of it was that Patty's nail bed
was bleeding, a lot!! I'll tell you why it happened and
how we handled it - it wasn't because of the nail clipping.
Not in the usual sense!
There was more! ... will be continued ...

Here's a video of Sara getting bathed, when she got skunked!

See my Raw Food Recipe for dogs! It is a healthy one!

See: Stress Free Way To Trim A Pet's Nails!

Please join me for a walk! Get fresh air and get healthy!

To My Vitamin Listing!
My use and experience! ~~~Nancy


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