\ I Had To Grow Spiritually ~~~Nancy \ "; }

First Fav~ One Liner!

Hi! The first of my favorite one - liners! ~~~Nancy

If that don't beat all! ~~~Nancy

This is a one liner that I use quite frequently! ~~~Nancy

Video: Church Doors
Image: Church Doors And Ivy Image: ~~~Nancy Gurish

Move through the picture of the church door
to get to my next One-Liner! ~~~Nancy

This picture was taken at the Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
I visited this cathedral one summer night a few years back.
It's gorgeous and it's a lively part of downtown! ~~~Nancy

In 1989 I was brought to a place where I needed to grow spiritually or, die. I chose to grow spiritually. Thank you God for giving me the strength to make such a choice! ~~~Nancy
My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish and I have been using colloidal silver since 2006 - it's 2016 now! Colloidal silver had kept me from having to use any antibiotics at all! I've got a history of getting Urinary tract infections and have not had one in all of this time. Ten years and counting! That is just one of the benefits I've had from using this wonderful natural antibiotic! It's good stuff! ~~~Nancy Here is a link to my video about the benefits I've received!

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