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Leaking At The Oil Sending Unit!

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
Sometimes I have information in detail to
give you about household appliances, ~` and sometimes
about cars! This is because I am married and when
my husband solves a mystery or fixes an appliance ~`
I like to share it with you!

One of his recent projects was to find an oil leak
on the car of a family friend! My husband has worked
on cars all of his life! This car was a challenge!

One of the unusual aspects of this car was
that the battery is located behind or under
the right side wheel!

I've got a video down below about this car!

... more below ...

This car is a 2007 2.7L engine, Chrysler Sebring!

It has 140,000 miles on it and there happened to
be an oil leak somewhere and it wasn't in
the usual places, just like the battery!

See this video here or at my channel! ">~`

... more below ...

When he had finally found the leak I felt
that it would be good to share this so that it
would be of help to others!

The oil leak was at the back of the engine, leaking
from the oil sending unit! ~` He said that he
had to drop the exhaust in order to get to it!

We all are aware that cars are not easy to
work on anymore! Not like they used to be!
Hope it helps you!

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