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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

I'm not making a video about this because
it's about a neighbor of mine. I thought it was
a new neighbor. A house very near to mine was
vacant for a few years. A year ago someone moved in.

[Note: At the time the person moved in, I checked with the
county's public records; because something about it looked
suspicious, however the home had been purchased.

But this wasn't the man who purchased the house. As neighbors
we couldn't have known this was the case.]

There is a lot more to this story but for now this
is all I want to say. So the other day
I spoke to another of my neighbors and he told me
that he met the real owner of the house.

The man who purchased the home found this man living
inside. He offered the man some money to leave the home!
It was cheaper to offer the person money, than to go ...

... through the eviction process. But the man told him that
it was not enough money. That it wasn't worth
it to him. And that he wasn't leaving.

The owner is now in eviction court with this person.

This is something else huh? There's a video below
about a story of this nature, but it has a good ending!

Squatting is a new trend in the U.S. because of the number
of vacant homes. So we live, and we keep learning!

Here's the video: The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

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