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My Salon Experience! "Shop Jumpers"!

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

It takes all kinds in this world!!
When I was working in the salons I ran into this
situation! I was working on commission, I didn't receive
pay for the hours that I sat in the salon. If I had clients
or if a customer came in and I performed the hair service,

then I would receive a commission.

So this woman came into the salon, she was in her mid to later
60's. The owner of the salon (Frida) and I were working.

This customer wanted a perm, which was wonderful because
it is a higher priced service!

Now, I have always used the best products for my clients, so I
set the woman's hair and rolled it in the perm rods and, of course

we chit-chatted during the service and

all was well! The perm came out great and she paid and left!

I was very happy because I had very few clients and
I was much in need of the pay that I received each day!

This was on a Friday and on it would be a Tuesday morning
(hair salons are closed on Mondays), so on Tuesday morning

it just happend that we had a surprise inspection from the board
of cosmetology which happens now and then. That's how they work.

So it was a tense moment, when all of a sudden the woman
with the perm from Friday, storms into the salon!

She was wearing a plastic rain cap on her head!

She is irate and starts to yell about how her perm didn't take!

Frida was tied up with the state board lady so she couldn't
come to my rescue! But I didn't know that I needed to be
rescued! The woman wanted her money back and I was trying to
offer her a re-do on the perm.

I kept saying that I didn't know how this could happen!
(It baffled me really!) And that I was very sorry!

Frida was trying to tell me, actually, she told me not to give her
the money back, but I felt horrible that the perm didn't take!

It never occurred to me that it was a scam~

(The woman had combed the curl out to make it straight.)

[If Frida had been given the chance, she would have wet the hair.]
[Wetting the hair would have made the perm stand out and be normal.]

The short of this story is, the woman was a shop jumper!
She had a system of going to different salons and performing this act
in order to cheat, inexperienced cosmetologists like myself
out of salon services!

When I found out I was horrified!

Any day I will post a video about how I handled the situation, after
I found out what she did!
I took care of it in Nancy Gurish style!

You see, while we were talking, the woman told me that she was
a volunteer at a nursing home, and she told me the name of
the nursing home!

I suppose she thought she would never see Nancy Gurish again!

But, she did Buttercups! She did!

I went to that nursing home and asked to see her!

She appeared in the lobby with beautifully permed locks!

I told her that she owed me for that perm!

And she paid!

She didn't want the embarrassment at the place she volunteered!
I'm laughing as I type this!

Another friend of mine, was an experienced hair stylist and
she told me about this and that the term was shop jumper!

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Peace Buttercups!

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