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About three weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from a
department store. It said that my application for a credit account
was declined! Why would I share this?

Because I hadn't applied for a credit account!

The most odd thing is that this came very shortly after
I posted a video about internet identity theft and
ways to avoid it! Soon after that this letter came in the mail!

I followed all of the best practices that you can do
when this occurs and I did it quickly! You have to act
fast on these things! It's important to take action quickly!

Also I set up a fraud alert with the credit reporting
agencies! Today we have to work at protecting ourselves
from credit card fraud as well as from identity theft!

On my YouTube channel I have made a few videos through
the years on topics of a similar nature. I will continue to
help to inform you about topics of personal safety as well!

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