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Last night I was with a small group of my peers - all of them women.

However this was a situation where I didn't know these particular women, but

we have a common situation

and I was waiting for a friend to come.

My friend had asked me to come to this function and I arrived before her.

We were situated in a 15' x 11' living room of a private residence.

There was a white artificial Christmas tree with blinking lights,

fully decorated - beautiful room with a couple of overstuffed

comfortable sofas and random seating groups.

So I overheard the conversations taking place among approximately 8 women present.

One woman was sharing the activities of one of her nieces, a fourteen year old,

very troubled young girl

who was engaging in some very disturbing

behavior at her school, involving the boy(s) in the school.

(Put your imagination to work and you might hit on it.)

So this woman was describing the words she had with the young girl

And then she spoke these words:

"And she was still poppin fly!

After hearing the activities of the girl - I tried to connect 'poppin fly' and the actions!

Mentally - I was scratchin' my head ... thinkin' - what does poppin fly mean?

I didn't want to ask

this was a semi-private conversation but - I was right there~

So the evening went on and I came home about 10:15 p.m.

and opened up my laptop to work for a bit.

Then that phrase came to my mind and I opened up another screen

and did a search.

Urban Dictionary to the rescue!

'Poppin Fly' - came up and I found it's meaning.

The young girl was being disrespectful to her aunt.

Getting smart with someone. Having an attitude ...

The video (below) is

It wasn't at all what I had thought it was!

Live and - learn new things! I'm praying for the girl.

As her aunt had said, 'There's mental illness there'. And I believe

that this would be the case.

Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

On another note! ~~~Nancy

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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

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