My day - so far!

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So far today I've ... ~~~Nancy And the day has just begun~.

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It's my 'early' morning and I'll share with you what I've got beside me.
A cup of my hot coffee, black - as usual; and my large glass of filtered water.
So far this morning - I've said some quick prayers, (gone to the bathroom, of course); and drank about 1/4th of a cup of my home made colloidal copper - copper, not silver my friends.
In my glass of filtered water I've got ~1/3rd teaspoon of Epsom Salts and a splash of red iodine.
Each of these things will contribute to my health maintenance in one way or another.
My prayers will guide and help my spiritual, emotional and physical health too!.
The black coffee will make me 'happy'!
The quick little bit of copper will help to prevent cancer for me, because it's a mineral. And I'm seeking help for my gray hair. It will strengthen my arteries and give me precautions on that end of my life.
(This isn't health advice! ~~~Nancy)
The epsom salts in my water keeps my heart rhythm steady - it has for approx. a year and a half. And... last but not least - the iodine!
There will no doubt be a book(s) written on the benefits of iodine one day: it will / does, keep my thyroid healthy. And... "plays a very large role in preventing cancer" that is a quote from a doctor who I saw on a YouTube video. I don't recall off-hand which one.
Iodine is yes, another mineral and minerals are probably the number one preventive for cancer of any sort.
This is what my morning 'looks like'! So far...


P.S. My three - soft boiled eggs are in a dish waiting for me; I'm out of Olive Oil - (have to pick some up today). I put about two tablespoons of olive oil on my eggs - a good sea salt (Himalayan if I've got it), course ground black pepper; sometimes other spices. This helps to keep my blood healthy! And it tastes good.

I will see all of you and Google Plus or YouTube later!

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