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New Playlist At My YouTube Channel~ Friday Afternoon Fare!

Hey Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

What I'm Drinking This Morning!

My Morning Drinks! Medicines! ~~~Nancy

Friday Afternoon Fare! ~~~Nancy

My morning beverages! ~~~Nancy Your Health And Tech Friend

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What I'm Drinking Today!


As usual of course I've got my coffee - black. A morning wouldn't even happen, without my coffee.

What I have to drink in the mornings these days is a glass of filtered water with approx. 1/4tsp of epsom salts in it. Definitely I have my epsom salts because this keeps my heart beating regularly.

I don't skip my these days!
Note: Today I take Magnesium Glycinate! It's a better way to get magnesium!
What I've added to my glass of water however is iodine!

Everyday, ordinary iodine! But, the best choice is Lugol's Iodine! That's what I use today!

Iodine has become as important to me as my epsom salts.

Iodine is my cancer preventive - however it serves a huge other purpose for me first.

It keeps my thyroid level normal.

Annually I get my blood work done - a complete CBC blood workup.

This is March - so, I'm overdue by one month now for my lab work.

Lab work is the only reason that I go to my doctor anymore. It is important for me to keep a check on that HDL level and my white blood cell counts.

The white blood cell numbers - along with a lower pH and loss of energy is what clued me in to my skin cancer. The first indication was that ugly mark (mole) that had turned ugly, on my side.

Image: Ugly Shaped Mole

Image: ~~~Nancy Gurish

Here is a picture of it for you to see!

You can tap on the picture of the picture of the mole to get to another note from me! ~~~Nancy

That my friends, is why iodine has become my second most useful tool. Second only to epsom salts!

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