March 14th DMSO Made Me Stink!

DMSO Can Make You Stink! ~~~Nancy

Oh! I got a new I've got a new playlist at my YouTube Channel!
Friday Afternoon Fare! ~~~Nancy

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Boy - when you use DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) you can really stink. Mine is in a glass bottle - it didn't seem to do this before, but it did it yesterday.

I smelled like an old smelly closet - or old socks or something!

This is according to someone who got close enough to me and told me!

And - I was out earlier and had hugged a couple of people and one of them was an eleven year old (or so) kid! She is gonna tell her dad - "Nancy smelled funny!"

Image: Black Bear On Rocks

Image: ~~~Nancy Gurish

You can tap on the picture of
the rocks and bear to get to another note from me! ~~~Nancy

Oh well, such is life!

I'd rather be healthy and smell funny than have to be on all kinds of medicines!

This beats the alternatives!

Bye for now!


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