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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Discipline Helps For an Easier Life!

I'm watching this video below! This is an
interview with Rose Kennedy. I see her as a giant and
a role model!

What she had was a disciplined upbringing.
She had a strict Catholic upbringing. She speaks to the
specifics that provided her opportunities for learning
discipline. One thing was the fasting that was a
requirement for receiving Holy Communion. In her youth
the church required a fast from midnight the night
before communion would be received. She said that

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this was easier in her youth and when her children were
young because all the families went to mass on Sunday
mornings. For my family as well, by the way. So that
it made it more easy to prepare for communion.

She mentioned that her daughter-in-law said that today
in later years, people didn't attend mass on Sunday
mornings, people were more inclined to be our of town,
for their child's sporting games. So that mass
and communion were not a steady routine anymore.

... see the video below ...

This makes me sad, by the way. Many people, families, have
left Sunday services behind. But, Rose Kennedy is an
example for me and I can work toward living as she did.
Daily mass is something that I will work to having in
my life. I believe in it, and in Holy Communion.

A disciplined life served Rose Kennedy well!

See the video on YouTube!

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