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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Greta Garbo!

Greta Garbo, was a Swedish-born American film actress during

the 1920's and 1930's.

Greta was spotted by a movie director, comedic director when she
had appeared in an advertising film for a
department store where she worked!

Greta's father had died when she was 14 and it
left the family broke, she went to work at that
department store. She had no thoughts of acting
until this store asked her to model and to take part

[Note: A video with her signature roll is below!]

-(She was really beautiful! ~~~Nancy)

in the short advertising film!

She earned an Oscar for her roll in the drama Camille
in 1936. In 1941 a box office failure, Two-Faced
Woman left Garbo shaken. After World War II she
felt that the world had changed, perhaps forever
and she retired, never again to face the camera!

[Note: It was said that she would 'work for the rest

of her life' to perpetuate the Garbo mystique.]

[Garbo introduced subtle sexuality to the world of Hollywood!]

She left Hollywood for New York City, she jetsetted
with some well known personalities, for one,
Aristotle Onassis! And spent
her time gardening, raising flowers and vegetables!

In 54' she was given a special Oscar

for past unforgetable performances. She
penned her biography in 1990.

Garbo ~ A Biography

Ms Garbo died of natural causes in New York and,
with her went the Garbo Mystique.

She was 84 years old! She had lived the last few years
of her life in absolute seclusion.

Source: IMBD

Note: "Letters and correspondence between Garbo and poet, socialite and notorious lesbian Mercedes de Acosta were unsealed on April 15, 2000, exactly 10 years after Garbo's death (per De Acosta's instructions). The letters revealed no love affair between the two, as had been rumored."

"Once voted by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most beautiful woman who ever lived."

See "Hollywood's Golden Age"

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