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Multiple YouTube Channels!?

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
Running Four YouTube Channels? Why?
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The situation was that I had approximately 1,500 subscribers
(there abouts), on my channel, so I decided to open up a second YouTube channel for
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My trouble is the time! ~~~Nancy
However they each benefit the others! Having four channels is a great asset!

Four YouTube Channels and a Website! Yikes!

Alright kids - I did it for you!

As usual - I experiment on myself and, after the fallout, I
let you know what happens!

Now with regard to my YouTube channel, here is what happened!

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Of course I've got a video to explain about my YouTube channels!
See it here below, or at one of my channels! ~`

The situation was that I had approximately 1,500 subscribers at my main channel, ~` so
I opened up a second YouTube channel for my spiritually inclined viewers.

My Four Channels! ☁️☁️💗💗☁️💗

The second channel is called The Spiritual Walkway ~`.

Time goes on and I've only got a handful of videos at the 2nd Channel!
However I am at about 1,700 subscribers (on the first channel), ~` and so I
open a 3rd channel, for my technical videos!
Topics such as website design, video making and editing!
Your Health And Tech Friend ~`YHTF!
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Multiple YouTube Channels?☁️☁️💗💗☁️💗

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YouTube channel. They have several business divisions that vary greatly from each other.
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On Another note:☁️☁️💗💗☁️💗
A Website building situation: My HTTP to HTTPS conversion! ~~~Nancy ~`

Title: Four YouTube Channels and a Website! Yikes!

Video: Running More Than One YouTube Channel

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