Analysis Paralysis?!

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What is analysis paralysis?

Do The Work And The Money Will Come! ~~~Nancy

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Analysis Paralysis!

Hi everybody!

Hi! this is ~~~Nancy

from YouTube! and Your Health And Tech Friend!

The first time I had heard the term
analysis paralysis was from a woman
named Lisa Irby from

I've been building this website (magazine) since 2010;
and of course there are my four YouTube channels!

Analysis paralysis is when a website builder or video
creator gets hung up on checking their statistics!

How many visits? How much watchtime?
And sometimes our favorite: How much money?
When these questions dominate our thinking
it's never good!! But it takes some time to
learn to let those things go and, just

Do the work!

The income will come if the work is done!

Note: One of my videos is below - on this topic!

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"Responsibility cannot be assigned; it can only be accepted. If someone tries to give you responsibility, only you can decide if you are responsible or if you aren’t."
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