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Working From Home Takes A Lot Of Maturity

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Working From Home Takes Work! ~~~Nancy

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Working At Home~

You know what? It is really hard to discipline yourself to work for yourself.

My job is awesome! I love my job!

But I think that I have selective fun on what is fun in my business. Like, I want to do the parts of my job, when I want to do the parts of my job!

What a brat, huh?

And - I don't want to sit in my big girl chair in my big girl desk! Why? I don't know. Wah, wah, wah... boo hoo.

Maybe one day it will come easier.

I wonder if there is a saint to pray to for help with working for yourself.

For now - I have to get my butt into a normal place to work - and get out of my recliner chair which isn't comfortable anyway!

Saint Cajetan! Yea! There is one!

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