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" ... if you are working on a website, and you have a family it can get uncomfortable."

Can't Work In The Living Room!

Working on your laptop in your living room - is not a good idea!. ~~~Nancy

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I've got a few years of experience in the world of website building. This is my sixth year and it's been a long six years!

What I'd like to share is this: if you are working on a website, and you have a family it can get uncomfortable. Everyone's situation is different but I've seen reference about this here and their through the years.

For some of us - it can be quite awhile before any real income comes in. And a person might be working long, hard hours. This becomes evident to the family members, it has in my household. Now ...

What I'm getting at is this - it is not possible to work from the recliner chair in the living room - among the other members of the family. It is


possible and not a good idea. I know, I've tried it.

You will have had to experience this in order to understand. It doesn't work, on many levels~

As I type this page I have set myself up on my bed - in my bedroom and I'm feeling pretty darn comfortable. I've got an office but it is in the basement and that living room chair always seemed mighty attractive.

That is, until I'm all set up in it and - well, you have to have experienced this in order to get it.

I repeat - it doesn't work! ~~~Nancy

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