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Expect Change From Google! | Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine


As a website operator', as I like to call myself, I have become knowledgeable of the fact that just when you get used to something

Google will change it.

A person gets initiated into the world of 'internet work', gets adjusted to how things work; especially with how Google operates because well, they are Google and then


they change something!

This happened for me a couple of times and I can't recall off hand what the details were.

This 'action on' Google's part was confirmed for me in an article I found online written by Lisa Irby of 2 Create a Website!

She said something to the effect of 'count on Google to change things'.

And I have found that to be true.

Some tool or (literally) bright idea, of Google's is working fantastically for you, you become adjusted to it and just like that, it's taken away. Google givith and Google taketh away.

What makes sense of this however, is that if Google changes something, it is no doubt, usually, for the better.

Sometimes we pay for it if they call the shots wrong, but when they find the error of their ways, they will correct it.

With all of this said, I still say, thank you Google!

I trust Google to do the right thing. There are several reasons that I can say this. For this page that is how I will leave it.


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