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My Safe Cozy Space

Hi Buttercups!

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A part of my emotional health is feeling safe and
having a cozy space to sit in.

Tonight I wanted to share with you a picture
of my cozy lamp at my side,
and show you it's soft light.

With dust and all on it -

it is later in the evening and

I needed a lamp for my side table.

Note the glass there?! (photo below)

That's my water with epsom salts!

Yes Buttercups! I truly drink it throughout the day!

next to my chair in the living room.

The lamp that was here got 'relocated' to my work area

earlier today.

This lamp was up near the attic - dust and all,
it had a working bulb in it. So, I'm using it!
Tonight I need some comforting

and the light that this lamp casts is comforting to me. I want to share this with my Buttercups! I'll clean it tomorrow.
Goodnight Buttercups! Sleep tight!
I've kissed and hugged Sally and Patty and they're tucked into their crate

for the night. They're safe!

And learning to understand that they are!

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