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Out Of The Grips Of A Narcissist!

I have found release and relief from the
"I should be ..." the, "Why can't I ..." the,

"What if's ..." and the, "Why's".

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There is freedom from toxic people who have the capability to steal your joy ...
~~~Nancy Gurish

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a stumbling block to my work...

Many a man will take a difference to this statement, however I'll make this statement anyway.

Through clarity of mind and wisdom

that I have been given, in this situation - by the Holy Spirit,

I have of recent been able to extricate myself from a narcissist person's clutches.

Whom I am speaking to
are the people who are in difficult situations,

whether at a workplace, in a marriage or

in family situation.

To a person who is in a situation where a someone is causing you to have great discomfort and or, to have a great amount of grief or pain in your life.

In this past year I have taken myself out of the picture physically,

and removed myself emotionally, from the grips of a narcissist. And ...

the most beautiful part is that
I've been able to extricate and free my mind from

the bondage and the

mental obsession that has plagued me each and every day for so long.

I have found release and relief from the

"I should be ..." the, "Why can't I ..." the

"What if's ..." and the, "Why's".

When I am able to ... as soon as I am able to ...

I will speak about this in detail and, on video!

Another Note: "Self doubt will stop a person from anything they attempt to do in life.

I don't recall being taught about the self doubt part of this malady when I was in therapy - I don't think we were able to get that far into the disorder." ... to this article about O.C.D. ...

Peace *Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

P.S. I'll tell you how I did it but,

I'll warn you now, it involved prayer!

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** Stands for What The Freud!


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