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The Emotional Walkway! ~~~Nancy.

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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My Complaints! Wha, wha, what! ~~~Nancy

My bra doesn't fit right

- my teeth could use braces,
I've lost my Google password A-G-A-I-N
Our central air broke - so, I'm hot!
I would like to buy some things that i can't,
... the list goes on and on, but I'd give them all up to God if I could:
1) Hear from my friend on email who has had cancer or
2) relieve the pain of someone who has a loved one who is struggling with addiction.
There are some things we just don't like and there are some things we can't change. I can change my attitude. ~~~Nancy
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Artery Health

Every morning - almost without fail, I eat my three soft boiled eggs (or medium - however they come out); with seasonings on them and - of course - Olive Oil on them - because it keeps my HDL at 83! Which is a powerfully good HDL. ... to this page ...