Natural Ways To Fix Gout!


~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy!

I needed a remedy for gout
so I searched on YouTube and found this video

by Dr Axe! 6 ways to stop Gout in 24 hours!

My husband has it - so I needed to find an answer!

On this page I'll put the names of the supplements
that Dr Axe talks about - and the brands

that I will buy!

Dr Axe said that if you had to
choose just two of the six remedies that
he speaks about - you would pick:

Celary Seed Extract and Black Cherry Juice.

Note: To my page on Celary Seed, Tart Cherries and Magnesium!

On the other page I'm taking these for prevention! ~~~Nancy

Here are the 6 natural remedies he speaks about
in the video. See it (below).

Oh - he said to get rid of: excess alcohol, sugar,
grains - and conventional (processed) meats.
The idea is to *get rid of uric acid - which is the
cause of gout. These suggestions reduce inflammation
and decrease the risk of gout!
Supplement list:
1) Celary Seed Extract or celary whole, or juice
2) Black Cherry Juice Extract
3) Nettle Leaf Tea (powerful anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrient
5) NOW Foods Bromelain (proteolytic enzyme)
6) Magnesium Supplement
7) Fish Oil (Omega 3 6 9 Fatty Acids)

Remember! It's not health advice! It's what I do! ~~~Nancy

Peace Buttercups!


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