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Is Dave Rubin an Atheist? Maybe not!?

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy! Atheism is a threat to our freedom in the United States and other countries.

The freedoms in America are founded on the belief that God has given us Inalienable Rights. *
The government doesn't give us rights in the U.S.. We have these rights given us by our Creator. One nation under God.

Atheism bothers me! It threatens our freedom!

I've got a video below, titled Dave Rubin Finds God (secrets revealed) | The Serfs. ~`

In the past I hadn't given Atheism much thought. However, in more recent years, because of what is going on in our country I have come to understand more fully the dangers of Atheism.

What I do today, that is pro-active on this front is, I pray.

Today I pray as I hadn't ever prayed in my past. It is said that God moves mountains, but prayer moves God.

Dave Rubin is in the video on this page because, I believed him to be an Atheist.

If you listen to his words in the video he said that 'he'd been pidgeon-holed' into saying that he was an Atheist.

What has happened, if this is true is that, during his recent walk in life, he has come to know that there is something there: in his words, "there has to be ... some bedrock...".

He has spoken of this in many interview sessions, that, something greater has to be there, underneath it all!

Dave Rubin works for freedom for us in the United States. `~

He is a great force in our country, and in other parts of the world today. I have watched his work for some time.

He is among the people who are fighting for our country, fighting for the United States, for our Constitutional freedoms.

Today our freedom in the U.S. is hanging in the balance.

Our Democrat party is now a Socialist party. ~`

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Please pray for our country and pray for the people who believe themselves to be Atheist.

Deep down in every man, woman and child is the idea of a Creator. The idea of God.

Many people need to be given a reason to actually believe in God.

Many times that is sickness, or confinement in one institution or another; frequently, it is in prison that people find God.

Without God in our Country, the United States cannot remain free.

Our constitution is dependent upon persons who have a moral sense. A morality that stems from a belief that there is a power greater than us.

The United States was founded on a Creator that gave us inalienable rights.

The government does not give us rights, God is the giver of all true and lasting rights.

I hope and pray that Dave Rubin, for one, has found a faith in God!

* One of the first rights to be protected in early America was the right of conscience - the right to believe differently on issues of religious faith. As John Quincy Adams explained, this right was a product of Christianity.
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