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The Catholic Church And The Amazon Synod YHTF

Pope Frances and Evil in The Church!

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Herasy and evil in the Catholic Church!

How on God's green earth did the Catholic church get involved in the Amazon region?

I don't know how this started but today I truly understand that the Catholic church does not need any more funds pumped into it!

The church seems to be going through a purging process. It is definately in need of cleansing!
It looks as if both the United States of America and the Catholic Church are going through a time of destruction!

It is said that sometimes, systems and entities need to be taken down, in order to be built up from the ground up!

Definately this church, needs to be taken down to the ground!

Our Pope Francis is in need of an exorcism! He is just not right! There is something very wrong about his actions!

There are demons who roam throughout the earth, seeking the ruin of souls! They are running rampant in the world today!
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Dear God in heaven - please protect us in this battle!

In the recent past, I heard a person say that we need to hit the church where it hurts, in the wallets; that he would not be supporting the church with monetary contributions.

Today, I agree with this statement, and I will no longer give them my money!

I do believe in my own priest! I will continue to go to my church and participate in the mass.

But I will no longer be supporting the church with monetary contribitions!
My church has a food and clothing bank for the neighborhood and I will continue to support that work.

Please continue your prayers, for our church - and our world! Prayer is working!

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