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Saint Bridget of Sweden ~~~Nancy

Saint Bridget of Sweden!

Consoler of the Afflicted~ Patron Saint of Europe!

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Wow! Saint Bridget!!!

St Bridget of Sweden was born around 1303, and early on in life she had visions of Christ's crucifixion!

St Bridget is known as 'A 14th Century Mystic'!

Bridget had the gift of Prophacy!

See the 'Gifts of the Holy Spirit'!

I have prayed the 15 Prayers of St Bridget!
The St Bridget prayers are printed within the Pieta Prayer book which was co-authored *by the Hermit of Loretto.

She is the Patron Saint of Europe.

She died on July 23, 1373.

She is the Saint of the Day for July 23rd!

See a short feature video below!

Or read about her at Franciscan media!

*Hermet of Loreto's 1980's prophacy about Donald Trump!

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I found an interesting story about the validity of the promises of the 15 promises from the 15 prayers of St Bridget.
In short, here is a good response to the doubts that are raised:

"The warning published by the Holy Office (Warning Concerning the “Promises of St. Bridget”) stated only that the promises were uncertain, as to their supernatural origin.

It says nothing against the prayers, which have been in regular use since the Middle Ages. As to why the promises are still published along with the prayers, either Rome is being ignored, or Rome is thought to have changed its mind. . . . In short, the promises are questionable, but there is no reason why the prayers of St. Bridget shouldn’t be used, as they have been for many centuries."
Source: Women of Grace
Next see: St Michael the Archangel!


P.S. My grandmother and my mom both used the Pieta prayer book!
I own one myself and it is a good help for prayers. Only the promises
that were a part of the 15 St Bridget prayers are considered to be of question.
It's my belief that good devotion to Jesus is the reward and that Jesus will
take care of us. Our promise as Christians is to be with Jesus for eternity! ~~~Nancy

Here is a Pieta Prayer book for you to see:

The Pieta Pocket Prayer booklet (Including the 15 Prayers Revealed to St Bridget of Sweden

The Pieta Prayer Book Large Print (Green)

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