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Prophecies of The Last Pope and the Last President?

Nancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend MagazineNancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

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Nancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

The Last Pope ~ The Last President? YHTF

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Are we looking at our last pope, and our last president?


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We have had corrupt Popes in the Catholic Church in the past, and we have one today!

These days there are crowds standing outside of the Vatican praying in protest against the actions, works and ideas of Pope Frances.

We need to pray, and resist and stick together against this Pope and, also to oppose Vatican II, where a lot of damage happened to the Catholic Church.

Every time we pray the Rosary we pray for our Church, our country, our military and our families; and we pray for our Pope! ~`What Are Signal Graces?

Corruption happens everywhere and unfortunately it is happening in our church and in the vatican.

According to Michael J. Matt of Remnant TV. ~` the active pushback from everyday people, and by persons such as Archbishop Raymond L. Burke and Archbishop Vigano, against Pope Francis has curtailed the progress of his installation of female priests and deacons. See his video below!

According to scripture, the Pope that is in place at the end times is supposed to be a Pope with wrong ideas, a bad Pope, and Frances fits that description. Among other things, this Pope is a Socialist. ~`The Pope and the Amazon Synod

The writings of a 16th Century French astronomer and apothecary Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostredamus indicate that Donald J. Trump will the the President of the United States of America in the last days. ~`Long Island Press
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"Satan is now coming into the open door to seduce the world and we should prepare for the inevitable events that are to follow. The United States will play a major role in this development, i see a government within a government develop in the United States in the Last few years." ~`Jean Dixon prophecy

Archbishop Vigano Calls on the Pope to Resign; ~`The Washington Post

Pope Frances demotes the conservative Archbishop of St. Louis, Cardinal Burke. ~`Time

The Video!

A Prayer for Pope Benedict XII
See Michael Matt's video below!

P.S. See Pope Benedict's resignation, ~`YHTF

P.P.S. Faith and trust in God takes time! ~`to this page.
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