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Nancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend MagazineNancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

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Nancy K Gurish, Editor of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

We Have An Obligation To Pray For Our Earth YHTF

We Must Pray For Our Earth! YHTF
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Nancy K Gurish
A Responsibility To Pray For Our Earth!

So Freely Given To Us

Not only can we each depend on prayer, we each have a responsibility to pray! We are formed in the image of God, our Creator, and this gives us the responsibility to pray!

As human beings on earth, we each are created in the image of God. God gave us this beautiful place to live in, this wonderful earth and we each have a responsibility to pray for it!

I never knew how important prayer is for us in this life time! Growing up, I learned the basics of prayer but it goes well beyond my small understanding!
We pay for our food, we must pray for our food!

This beautiful blue sky and the rich brown earth were given to us by God, the Creator of the heaven and earth! ~`Pray And Trust God

Trust in God takes time!

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Everything on our earth was given us freely and it holds so very many riches! Something so good must come with responsibly!

Seeds, Rain And Sunshine!

So many people understand the responsibility for taking care of our environment, the land, the water, etc. But how many of us understand the responsibility of praying for this wealth!

The earth holds the seeds of food, the rain waters the crops that grow, and the sunshine helps to bring nutrition and beauty to our plants and food!

Pray And Pay For Food!

Our bodies are made healthy by nutrition in the plants and animals of the earth! How very important is it to pray for this benefit?

We pay for our food and we must pray for our food!

It only makes sense!

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