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Pray And Trust God!

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Prayer and meditation! ~~~Nancy

Faith And Trust In God
Hi there!
This is ~~~Nancy!

Nancy K Gurish

A good prayer life takes years to develop!

I know!

Today, prayer and meditation play a big part in my life!
But learning to trust God took some time! Learning from others who have faith, has helped me!

Other people have told me that their prayers work! That is why I began to pray! Witness from others is very important!

There has been a saying that I've learned to live by!
That is: Pray and trust God with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding!

On Another Note!

I've only been wearing makeup for a short time in life! I was raised in the '60's and we tried to go back to natural things back then!
As I got older I found that I really like to wear a little bit of makeup! ~`

Another source: Total Trust in God Our Father!
Who do you trust the most in this life? Yourself? Or God Our Father?

To My Vitamin Listing! My use and experience! ~~~Nancy

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