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Lately I have become aware of the great importance of learning what is in the bible.

This morning was yet another opportunity for me to read my daily readings and to pray!
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor.

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

You are welcome to listen to this page!

An audio file will be up in due time! Thanks! ~~~Nancy

Hi Buttercups!

Each morning I have specific meditation guides or books that I read!

As usual! There is a video below to help you!

I have come to know, and believe, that ignornace of the Bible, is just plain ignorance of life!

The information in the Bible is

the good news of salvation

however it gives us much more than that!

It gives us knowledge to help us in this life, here on earth!

The verses in the bible give us knowledge and then we can be ready to receive wisdom that comes to us through the Holy Spirit! ~`

The Bible gives us knowledge about life:

  • For health!
  • For wealth!
  • For happiness!

I know very little, but I am learning!
... more below ...

The young man in the video below has some important tips for reading, as well as for studying the bible!

Peace Buttercups!

As I learn more, I will share it with you!
~~~Nancy ~`

On Another Note!
Something that has come to me is a true love of saying the Rosary!

The Rosary has brought me peace and wisdom!

... I do receive, signal graces!

Peace Buttercups!
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