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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor.

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Hi there Buttercups!

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Peace *Buttercups!
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By the way! The Mineral Copper is For Gray Hair!

I think the time was right! And nothing happens, in God's world, by mistake! ~`
We need to pray for our world, for our country and for our souls!
The end probably isn't very far into the future!
Peace Buttercups!

*I only accomplish what I do, because of prayer!
I've prayed each and every single day that I have worked online in my business!

I started my website magazine in October of 2010! ~`

P.S. I surely do miss my Buttercups! I've met so many good people at my YouTube Channel! I, did pray for every one of you, in the past, and I will pray for you in the days ahead!
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