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Today my life is in a better place! It takes time!

Hi everybody!
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Today I have the life that I would have always wanted.

Today I know what I want and I want what I have, for the
most part. In the past my ideas were different. I've grown!

Having everything you want is different than
having everything you need! And God knows what
we need! It just takes time for the process to develop!

It takes time to understand what is good and of value!

My life is good today because of my faith and trust
in God. This has been developing slowly, over a period
of years.

Others may have larger faith than me, but I'm on the
right track! Start today if you haven't! Pray!

Pray, trust God and clean up your side of the street!

In doing this, you will allow God the ability to come in and
do what God does best! He will take care of us if we let Him!

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