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Treat Yourself To A Retreat At Home!
Do It For Yourself!
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Have you ever been on an overnight retreat? I have!

It's the best thing you can do for yourself if you
you get the opportunity! I recommend it!
There is an alternative that I can also suggest!

Take a day off at home and plan a retreat for
yourself in your own home! If you can have
the house to yourself for a day! Try and make that
happen so you can do this!

1) Shut all phones off!
2) Don't even think of answering the door!
3) Wear very comfortable clothing!
4) Have some meditative reading material ready.
5) Plan something special to eat, treat yourself.
6) Play soft music, instrumental - no words.
7) Take an epsom salts lavender bath.
8) Lay on a couch with your feet up and be still.
9 Pray quietly.

I got so relaxed just writing this plan out!
Maybe I'll do mine tomorrow! haha! Can't do it tomorrow!
Maybe next week when I can get the house to myself!

Goodnight Buttercups and others!

Definitely I want to do this!!! I'd cook salmon for myself!

And have some hot mulled cider! Sound good!?

~ I actually own some Lavender Espom salts, that's why
I thought of it. I'll put a link below~ It's the one I have.
I did take a bath with it - it's beautiful Buttercups!


Peace Buttercups!

Check out my Buttercup community!

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