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What A Movie! ~~~Nancy

My Thoughts On Growing Old! Nursing Homes?

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This movie sure sparked off some large emotions in me!

The Gin Game! Whoa! ~~~Nancy

Yesterday I watched The Gin Game
the version with Mary Tyler Moore and
Dick Van Dyke! This movie really surprised me!

When I started this movie - I got to the part where
the first Gin game began. I left the movie to continue
my work with the intention of getting back to it later in
the day. At that moment I took the opportunity to share
the movie and my thoughts at that time, through social media!

The comment I made said "what a sweet movie!". Oh boy!
You see I had assumed that Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey were to
become very good, close friends. I had no idea of
what was to come! I finished the movie in the evening and
found that this movie touched off so many emotions in me!

I've begun to speak about this on video at my YouTube
channel. But, I have not really begun to get across the
ideas and thoughts that are going through my head!

There are more preparations that need to be made for
getting old - than just saving up money for a nursing home!

This movie touches on some experiences that happen in
... continue below ...

The Gin Game

Note: D.L Coburn ~ The author was born in Baltimore, MD in 1938!
The Gin Game ran on Broadway for 516 performances ... ... to this page

... continue ...

a nursing home stay. But I've seen that life.

Oh I've seen it!

Friends and family who have been been residents of such centers.
And just as with many other examples I have seen

I don't wish to follow in the footsteps of

my elders in this matter!
There is a much better way and I will speak about **it as
I learn about it! Peace buttercups!

The movie is below. If you haven't seen it - I do
recommend it!


Thank you MTM and Dick Van Dyke for this movie!
Both are the best!

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