We're Eating Wood!

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Oh no!

If you watch this video below you will see that

we are eating


They say that wood pulp is 39% cheaper than real food!

Will it never end!


About me!

From YouTube! - breakingtheset

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"Do not be alarmed, but you may be eating wood pulp. Or at least an additive that started out as wood.
If you buy shredded cheeses, including brands such as Organic Valley and Sargento, or hit the drive-through at McDonald's for a breakfast sandwich or a smoothie, or douse some ribs with bottled barbecue sauce, there's likely some cellulose that's been added to your food."

Taken from: ... to this page ...

What I'm writing about here is that if a person has light urine flow, or trouble emptying their bladder, they really ought to do something other than get a prescription from a doctor for it.

My thoughts are that there is something is going wrong with a person if that happens. Something that needs attention, not just a pill ... to this page ... ~~~Nancy Gurish

" ...Morgellon's disease is a poorly described, severe ulcerative skin condition that histologically is consistent with dermatitis artefacta.
It has therefore been dismissed as a psychosomatic disorder, much as was the case with ulcerative colitis in the period from 1930 to 1960. ... to this page ... ~~~Nancy

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