Dog's Digestion And Constipation!

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My dog's digestion is very important to me!
It begins with the food! ~~~Nancy
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Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

A raw food diet came to me in 2013
when my dog Sara got constipated!

When this happened I looked to the internet
to find out just why a dog would get
constipated!??? It hadn't happened before.

I changed her name to Pearl to protect
her innocence! That was her stage name!]

This is my Sara! (see note below).

[Note: Sara has been with me in YouTube videos!

Here's a link to her video "Dog Walkin!"
I have another one where she's singing! With me!

So - Sara had this problem and I researched it. And
found it to be the food! It took work and adjustment
but we went to a completely raw food diet

for her! And, it worked! It did the trick!
She stayed regular from then on! And healthy!

I'll put my video (below) describing my recipe for
raw dog food! It was a journey finding
out what worked! I found a good combination!

See this video (here) or on my YouTube Channel!

Keeping my dog's digestion working well is a top
priority in my home! It is a really important thing!

Peace Buttercups!

Please check out my Buttercup Community!

We lost Sara in March of 2015. My baby puppy.
I'll make a page about it one day~
She was a 'forever' puppy! (She was almost 14)
The sweetest dog! ~~~Nancy

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