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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

A while ago I made a video talking about
how I re-invented myself! I did~

It was at a time in my life where I had
grown spiritually and for me, when I grow
spiritually, I grow emotionally.

So I was ready for a change. And today, once again,
I know that I'm ready for something new.
This crossed my mind the other day and I knew
that I was ready for more change.
But what sort of change?

... continue below ...

... continue ...

In my past I have done some crochet, and I've done some
sewing; I have made crafts and I've painted!

So what now???

Well, after some meditation, the thought of learning about
the past came to mind. Learning about history!
History interests me but I haven't spent time in studying it.

Maybe I could begin there~

We'll see how that goes and I'll share with you as I go!

My video from my last transition is ~ below!

Pray and meditate and see if you come to a
place where you wish to change and grow!

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come back a few times, and done it over and over. I’ve started
entire new careers. People who knew me then, don’t me
now. And so on." Taken from TechCrunch! James Altucher, Contributor

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On another note!

Artery Health

Every morning - almost without fail, I eat my three soft boiled eggs
(or medium - however they come out); with seasonings on them and
- of course - Olive Oil on them - because it keeps my HDL at 83!
Which is a powerfully good HDL. ... to this page ...