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Crocheting is good for the soul!

Hi Buttercups and others!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

just had dinner and gave Patty her probiotic~
which is a whole 'nother story.

Patty is our Lasso Apso - Terrier mix pooch!

I've got one video made about how Patty and Sally
are getting along. They are the dogs that were
rescued by our Animal Protective League!
and who came to live at our house!

I'll publish that video soon - you can see
another video (go here) if you wish! From when *Sally got lost!

I'm way off the track!

Crocheting is good for the soul! My grandmother taught
me when I was like 6 or so. Little!
When you see me on videos - there is a picture
way in my video background, of my grandma.

[I'm feeling kind of sentimental. Here's a video for that!

Watch it here or at my YouTube channel!

I miss her so much. She lived to be 87 yrs old.
That was in 1986. She was born in 1899.
(Note: see the video 'The Story of my Grandma and Grandpa!')

It took me years, and years of practice to get any
good at crocheting. I'd increase or decrease stitches
and end up tearing the yarn apart. But I would persist.
I'm not known for giving up - especially if something
seems impossible. I like difficult challenges - to the
point of being an idiot!
But that is persistence huh? Enough for tonight!

Peace Buttercups and others!
Check out my Buttercup Community at Google Plus if you haven't!

P.S. I'll make a video soon on crocheting!

*Sally's name was Smokey - but we didn't want that
name for her, we wanted a more 'girls', sweet name!

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... to the video ...

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