Front Load Fixed! Part One!

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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy

from from YouTube!

My Front Load Maytag has had some trouble
but thankfully we've been able to fix it*!

About me!

Not me but my husband fixed it!

Front Load Washing Machine Maytag 2000

The latest thing we did was fix some of the
electric wires in the back of the machine!

It stopped working in the middle of a load!

This was only one thing that had to be repaired
before it would work!

See my video on this below or

at my YouTube Channel!

Here's a solution for preventing or treating
the mold smell! It's a popular way! ... to the page! ...

Watch as electric wires are soldered! And more!

*I really like this washing machine! ~~~Nancy

Peace Buttercups ~~~Nancy

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Maytag's Official Site!

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