Vinegar Keeps Color Fabric Safe!

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Vinegar To Keep Color Clothes Safe! ~~~Nancy

In The Laundry ~ It Works! ~~~Nancy!

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Cider Vinegar Keeping Colors Safe!

So Color Clothes Keep Their Color! -

Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube
I've used cider vinegar for keeping my color clothes from running!

About me!

Cider vinegar is a great rinse agent too! Vinegar removes excess detergent!

(See the article below: white vinegar may be best!)

I've used it and it cuts down on static cling as well!

I was skeptical about how well it would work for static

But it definitely helped!


(Please see my video below or on YouTube!)

Here is a related video that will offer more help!

Peace Buttercups ~~~Nancy
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Here is a product that helps!

Rit Color Remover

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" ... When added to a load of laundry, vinegar prevents color bleeding and fading. One cup of vinegar is sufficient for a medium or large load. The best vinegar for this application is distilled (white) vinegar because it is colorless.. ... read more ...

New Clothes - Wash With Vinegar To Set The Dye

If you have a bunch of new clothes in similar colors, combine them, but otherwise, don't mix them in with your regular laundry. You want the white vinegar to concentrate on the new garment."read more ...

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