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Front Load Washing Machine! ~~~Nancy

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Front Load Washing Machines!

Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube

About me!

It made total sense to me! And -

I love things that make sense!

Not too long ago I got a front load washing machine!

For several years I'd had a job in an Appliance Department
and I had heard about the mold smell in Front Load Washers!

So I knew something about this issue!

But now I was to become the owner of one! This is another story!

What would I do to prevent this?

(Please see my video below or on YouTube!)

I haven't had any issue with mold - not even close!

Here is a related video that will offer more help!

Peace Buttercups ~~~Nancy
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Here is an article which may interest you!

" ... over the years consumers have complained that they can develop mold and a nasty odor. Manufacturers have taken note and have addressed the problem with such innovations as improved door gaskets, high-temperature cycles, and more. ... read more ...

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How To Remove Mold and Mildew from Front Load Washing Machines - Today's Homeowner

How could a machine that’s so wonderful, suddenly turn so horribly smelly? Looking behind the gasket in a front-loading washing machine Gaskets hold moisture. The answer is in the way the machine is designed. Front-loading washing machines have watertight, airtight doors that seal with a rubber gasket. ... read more ...

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