As for marriage - I sure do love my husband.

I'm a regular fan of the show Hart To Hart and partly

I feel that it is because Johnathan and Jennifer are so in love,
it reminds me of my husband and me.

Throughout the day I frequently will think of him and it feels so good.

We each pray - so we pray for each other, I know.

Each morning I pray for the best for him and at night before bed.

About this thing called marriage?

This is my experience.

It is almost 3:30 p.m. and he'll come home just before 5:00.

I look forward to when he comes through the door.

Frequently I have coffee made. We both love our coffee.
He'll be home for about a half hour and he'll have said,

at some point, he'll have said, about three words. And,

They'll be the wrong three words!

Or - I'll say about three words, and

they'll be
the wrong three words.
This can happen frequently for us.

I have no idea why. But ...

We'll tough it out and ...

at the end of the day, I am so glad that he's my husband.

We'll go to sleep - loving each other, loving our home,

loving our lives ... and

Grateful for another day together.

This is what my marriage is on some days.

I don't know what your's is but,

all days aren't roses and sunshine

like for Johnathan and Jennifer Hart.

But - I sure do love that man!

And I know that he loves me!

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